Every year people set New Year’s resolutions and some people say they will never do that because they don’t “follow the crowd”. I really think people make these decisions because it’s the time of year where just for a moment life slows down and they realize they don’t like where they have ended up. Not necessarily their entire lives but certain parts. Moms feel the mom guilt and decide they will clean more often, workout more, eat healthier, not allow their kids to eat so much junk, not worry as much, or don’t miss the important moments. Adults in general feel like they must do something better, be different, or relive the “good ole days.” Why do we do these things to ourselves? Everybody has different reasons, but I know in the end I do it to strive to be who God intended me to be. Sadly, I tend to get in the way of that person and usually when Christmas rolls around we are reminded of the birth of Jesus and I find myself getting a reality check. I do set goals, but I also know that God gives me grace. Here are some resolutions that help me create memories, meet goals, and love life…..

  1. Family Time
  • We try to be home at least once a week and intentionally not turn the TV on for an extended period of time. Sometimes it’s a weekday and from the time we get home until we go to bed no TV. Other times, it’s on a weekend and it doesn’t come on until the evening or at all. We’ve had weeks where this happens multiple times and other weeks where we barely make the day but I have realized some of the best memories are during those times.
  • Reading a book to the girls every night. This has been difficult at times but we strive to do it and not quit.
  • Carve time in for grandparents. Our girls spend time with my stepmom during the week while I’m at work and we make sure Victor’s parents see the girls weekly. My mom lives farther away so we video call and make sure that anytime we have an extended time off we hop in the car and make the 7-8 hour drive. It is absolutely worth it every time. When I here Quinn tell me she misses Nana and Peepaw and can’t wait to see them again it makes my heart smile. I spent my summers and holidays with my great grandparents and cherish those times.
  • Vacation, take one! It doesn’t have to be an elaborate over the top expensive thing. We do go to great places but it is on a budget! Your vacation could be to Grandma’s house, a friend who you don’t see enough, the next town over, or another state. All I can tell you is to make those memories because in the end that’s all you and your family will have. Stuff fades away.
  • Do not overbook yourself. I know that when our children get older things will get busier, but for now we don’t allow the girls to be apart of more than one thing at a time. The greatest gift you can give yourself and your family is time. If you choose more activities then show up for those things and let your babies know you’re cheering them on. We are not perfect and some weeks between work, Young Life and activities we realize we’ve over done it but most of the time we also know we did it together.

2. Personal Time

  • You have to have time for yourself, if not you might go crazy…….
  • Workout….this looks different for everyone and you have to find what works for you! I love to run outdoors and hate the gym! My husband loves to go to the gym and lift heavy weights with a workout partner. He works out before work, and I run when I get home. Working out can be taking a walk with your family, going to the gym, turning on a YouTube workout video and following along. ( I do this in my garage!) When you workout your body releases endorphins which is a natural stress reliever and makes you happy! Also, do not be one of those people who tries to do something they did in college and injure yourself which then causes you to quit the next day. TAKE IT SLOW and ENJOY IT!
  • Read a book. If you are like me, listen to an audio book in your car or while you’re running! Once in a while try to read a book that inspires you to be a better person not just the fictional stuff. 😉 my favorite books this year:
  • Love Does
  • Everybody Always
  • Love Lives Here
  • Girl Wash Your Face
  • Find a devotional time that works for you, I always wanted to be that mom that wakes up at 5 a.m. and reads her devotional, while drinking her coffee all before her children wake up….THIS IS NOT ME! I tried so hard that I almost felt like a failure. Then I realized God doesn’t care what it looks like, all He cares about is you and that you are seeking Him. So I read my verse of the day and then read my First Five app.( which usually blows my mind every time) All of this takes me 15 minutes or less and is usually done in between the time I’m getting ready for work. Most audio books I read are Jesus related, which pushes me to seek Him more. A few years ago I had a longer commute to work and I would listen to the audio Bible, and at the time it worked. All I can say is find what works for you. If it doesn’t look like what you expected, change your mindset.
  • Do something that makes you happy. I decided last year I wanted to write a blog and here I am! I can’t crank them out like some people but it makes me happy. I also like to create things so when I have time I take on projects with my kids, husband, or friends. Other times, it’s taking a spontaneous trip or visiting friends.

3. Serve Others

  • When I was younger serving others was almost easy. I had all the time in the world it seemed and for the most part I liked being around other people. Now I have kids and a job….life is busy. So what that looks like now is far from what I thought it would be…..
  • Make dinner for your friends or small group….Once a week we have high school kids over to our house and honestly they bless us more than we probably bless them. It forces me to clean my house and sometimes I get stressed but every time it is worth it.
  • Encourage someone with your words when you get a chance.
  • Even if you’re not the hugging type..hand them out when needed because it is proven we need them everyday to be happy.
  • Be intentional and listen…sometimes we struggle to listen to people who are hurting or going through something we don’t understand. Having been this person this year the best thing I can tell you is to lean in and listen. We aren’t always searching for the right words. We just want to know someone is hanging in there with us.

I know this post is long but I hope it brings you joy and peace and know that God gives a lot of grace. We always picture things one way and they usually end up another. Find what works for you and your family. The best gift God has given us is time and I hope you use it wisely.


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