I think I’ve always had the travel bug but it didn’t really hit me hard until college. I decided I was going to go away to college and I joined a ministry program that allowed me to travel around while sharing my faith. In that one year I was able to see Tennessee, Canada, Ohio, Michigan, South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, and Arizona.

After that year I moved to Corpus Christi, Texas to finish college and be closer to family I didn’t see enough. While in college I found out about a program called Airtran U. (no longer available) I could show up at an airport that had AirTran flights and fly stand by one way for 69 dollars! I spent the next few years hopping planes to visit friends all over the states.

I finished college, got married to an amazing guy, and settled into a job. Travel slowed down a bit but I was so excited to have a partner who could experience all these amazing places with me. Fast forward 4 years….yes…of course… we brought a little one into this world! Quinn was born and turned our lives upside down. At the same time Victor took a job with Young Life, which at the time seemed to make life more difficult but ended being a huge blessing in our lives.

At the time, I thought once we had kids our traveling days would come to a screeching halt. Surprisingly, we traveled more with the baby! FYI babies fly free until they’re two. Quinn has already been to 7 states and too many cities to count. We have added another little one, Reese, to our family and have no plans to stop experience life and traveling!